These days many people contact our company to ask whether it is better to have a website or a FUNNEL.

We respond to customers that these are two fundamental elements for any business and that they do not have the same functionality.

While it is indeed true that one can start billing with only a FUNNEL, thus without a website, it is also true that there is no business that after a few months does not add a website to increase the conversion rate and brand awareness i.e., the
brand awareness.

Wanting to explain in a few words what a Lead Fun nel or Sales Funnel is, we can describe it as follows: the process of finding, generating, selecting, and qualifying leads until they become the company’s customers.


The funnel may vary by company but to simplify the explanation we identify 4 main levels:

Level 1 Awareness

This is the first level of any funnel. In fact, if you want someone to buy from you, the first thing you need to do is to let people know about your business and your products/services. The best strategy for getting the word out is through PPC (pay per click) and SEM (search engine marketing) campaigns.

Level 2 Lead capture

At this level you have to make sure that the customer is incentivized to leave their contact information on an online form. This step is critical for inviduating customers potentially interested in your product or service. How to do it? Mainly through PPC/ Organic search/Off-line marketing campaigns.

Level 3 Prospect

Once you have obtained leads you will need to further explain your products or services through articles in your blog. At this point it helps to create webinars, explainer videos and articles on your blog. Indeed, it is crucial to explain what you do to interested people frequently enough to stick in their minds.

Level 4 Customer

The last step in the process is certainly the conversion of potential customers into real customers.

This is traditionally the last stage of the funnel, but a smart company knows that it will need to continue to maintain a constant relationship with the customer in order to build brand loyalty.

These are the main steps of a funnel, which can be supplemented with intermediate steps depending on the type of company.

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