Online businesses are gaining ground in Europe, specially in the main cities, and with them the agencies that help to build a better strategy in the digital field proliferate.

But the truth is that many times a professional does not know where to turn due to the number of agencies that provide these services. For instance, it seems that they all do the same, but it is not like that.

Therefore, we have prepared this article to explain in more detail, the types of digital agencies that can create an Online Business Plan and the functions of a marketing agency, a communication agency and a social media agency, the last one closely associated with Social Networks.




1️⃣ Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies in Madrid can dedicate themselves to both: the offline and the online space. Its main function is to focus on the client so that, from them, marketing strategies are established and implemented.

In the case of the digital field, an agent has more information about his client, since, thanks to digital statistics, it is possible to know the movement of a person within the web: his purchase preferences, his personal data and it is even more easy to interact with them through social networks and e-mail campaigns.

All this information is used to adapt the products and services to your needs, as well as to create an accompaniment route throughout your information, purchase and post-sale process. Therefore, the work of a digital marketing agency is associated with:

  • Research and marketing to know what the competition is doing.
  • SEO positioning to appear at the top of a search page.
  • Marketing funnels to automate the digital system.
  • Customer service to know the customer’s expectations and real needs.
  • Content strategies to attract, retain and loyalty customers either through blogs, social networks or email marketing.

2️⃣ Communication Agency

Communication agencies are more associated with what a brand communicates, both internally and externally. They ensure that messages have coherence and are concerned that users perceive the brand or ‘branding’ as it is intended to be communicated.

They are also the agencies that are most concerned about the reputation of the brand, and the ones that prepare Crisis Plans for companies. In such a way, they need to be constantly on the lookout to know what is being said about the brands, and thus look for the best strategy to solve misunderstandings.

Some of the areas where communication agencies in Madrid are most involved are:

  • Strategic communication of the brand, which involves the mission, vision and values it conveys.
  • Internal communication strategies so that each employee is informed and understands what the brand seeks to convey in each campaign.
  • Development of advertising campaigns in the company’s own media and those of third parties.
  • Brand public relations with other brands, the community, the government, etc.

3️⃣ Social Media Agency

Social media agencies in Europe, or also called social media agencies, have the function of using these networks as a digital marketing tool. For companies, it is essential to have this type of agency, as this ensures a productive strategy to achieve the sales objectives of your brand.

It is important to note at this point that the use of social networks has become so popular among amateurs, rookie or beginners, that they are coming to use social networks without any sales strategy. And the truth is that using them without a sales strategy, is simply a waste of money and time for any company.


If you really want to make a profit with the movement of social networks, it is necessary to hire a specialised agency like ours 👍 SkyRocketMONSTER Agency, where we can help you:

  • Develop target-focused networking strategies.
  • Implementing tricks that are unique to each social network, which can only be known by the experts of each social network.
  • Generate ROI, as we present a plan, a payback time and finally evidence of ROI.
  • Quick adaptation of strategies to sudden changes in the algorithms of each network. It must be taken into account that social networks are capricious and are constantly making changes that can leave without effect even the best strategy proposed.
  • The contract of a multidisciplinary team focused on one goal. The professionalism of social media management is relatively new and for its proper functioning requires skills from different disciplines such as graphic design, copywriting, social communication, in an agency all these professionals work hand in hand in an articulated manner.

And finally, there is an advantage that few see, but it is necessary to highlight. By hiring a Social Media Agency or a Marketing and Communication Agency, you have at your disposal for your brand the accumulated experience of having worked and working on other projects.

Finally, we would like to mention and recommend this article from Hubspot, which is also a reference for us when it comes to executing a Business Plan.

And don’t forget our trade motto…🌟 SHARING IS LIVING! 🌟

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