Back to school and the definitive reopening of the stores?! 🤔

Finally, the stores lift their shutters (and it seems for the moment) that it is definitive. Until now, retailers in Spain closed and opened their stores intermittently, so most consumers have learned to shop online and after so much time doing so, they have already tuned in and will continue to do so.

A very strong wind called CoronaVirus hit the whole world and swept away our habits and traditions to make us rediscover other ways of consumption and consumer priorities. 

These priorities have been overturned and this has also led to a change in small and large businesses, especially in the way they sell.

The focus is no longer on profits as such, but as a source of livelihood for survival, and now more than ever, security in commerce is an added value that cannot be renounced.

‘The tree that knows how to bend with the wind, doesn’t break’.-

(African proverb).

However, it has been fundamental and will continue to be fundamental for the survival of businesses, that now retailers will also have to be enterprising (specially SMEs), and know how to adapt and “bend” to the new trends and needs of users and society in general. 

✏️ New Consumer NEEDS 

Many traders were used to shaking hands, talking face to face with customers and now, instead, they face two very different types of audiences:

        ✓ a minority, made up of individuals to whom they must in any case ensure safety with masks, hydroalcoholic gel, safety distance and whatever provisions the state requires.

     ✓ and the majority, who instead learned to buy online, who ask for information by phone and email and who prefer to have things sent to their home; for their immediacy, convenience and safety. 

Therefore, if on the one hand these entrepreneurs have to pay close attention to hygiene and health regulations to ensure the safety of customers in the physical store, on the other hand, they will also have to start digitalising, in order to provide a comprehensive response to the changing needs of their customers.

Today, it is imperative that retailers know how to read the changes in consumer habits; monitoring their trends, to remain in close contact with them, in front of their competition. 

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The DIGITAL WORLD from this point of view has many advantages:

Visibility of your Business: Through a website designed and customised, you can increase the visibility of your brand especially if it is accompanied by a good SEO positioning plan.

Increase your Sales: In addition, with an e-commerce online store, not only in the short term, but also in the long term and for the life cycle of your business, you can target a much wider audience than you can aspire to with a physical store and increase your sales. 

Expand your Target Audience: With the right social networks for your type of business, if you use them effectively and with local SEO in mind, you will be able to establish a closer link with both your current target audience and new users, thus expanding your number of customers.

This is the time to think seriously about increasing your online visibility and digitalising any business activity, as soon as possible (and as early as September and with a view to Christmas).

Often you can find concrete help in digital marketing agencies that, through a Digital Strategic Plan or a Creative Process, we can bring out the best of your brand and offer timely and appropriate suggestions; to create that successful website or e-commerce. In addition, a good Digital Marketing Agency like SkyRocketMONSTER and our professional team, will be able to take full advantage and be up to date in the world of Social Media, which will become a fundamental tool to promote your business and in turn, meet and stimulate your audience.

✋ Conclusions

In a few months the whole world has changed and people have changed with it.

To be successful, an entrepreneur cannot look at the past languidly while waiting for the ‘new normality’ to return, which we will never know if it will return as it was; but must see the reality and let himself be carried away by the new trends, adapting to change.

The digitalization of companies is part of this change through Apps, E-commerce, websites updated in design and vanguard, and especially with deep attention to social networks.

We can NOT wait… The world of commerce is cutthroat and highly competitive.

⚠️ ‘Who remains in the past, is already past!’ ⚠️

Don’t think twice, update your Business!

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