The Marketing World has undergone significant changes as it enters the digital age, moving more and more towards Web Marketing.

The year 2020 was the most unpredictable year of our lives. The global Covid-19 pandemic has changed the social and business reality, producing important changes that will affect our marketing decisions.

With the explosion of the health crisis, we now face a complicated economic and social landscape around the world. With this confusing context and its complications, it often happens that our company’s marketing is neglected. While some companies opt for more austere procedures, many others focus their economic efforts on promoting their social networks and everything that derives from marketing.

Social networks, along withinbound marketing’, have become the most important aspect of digital marketing, so not taking them into account in your marketing plan would be a mistake. The data speaks for itself, as for example, 29 million people in Spain use social networks, which is equivalent to 62% of the total population. So, could these tools that can reach so many people be left aside? ‘You can answer for yourselves’.

The trends for 2021 are given by a context strongly marked by the COVID-19 and everything in which its set derives: the increase of digital disinformation, memes as an “informational” vehicle, the continuation of “conversational” marketing, return to proven marketing tactics in times of uncertainty, among others. To remain competitive in the current context and, knowing the trends and establishing a strategy, we must take advantage of these tools not for the short term, but for the long term.

So, if you are thinking of betting on a business, project or brand; do not leave it for 1 or 2 months before. Start to have a recognition, at least, 6 months in advance. That’s marketing!


  • A high return on advertising investment (ROI), generated by social media advertising is the highest among the various forms of paid advertising. In addition, social media advertising allows for high profiling and personalisation of targets, so you can be sure that you are interacting with a potential customer and not someone disinterested.
  • Improved customer perception. Social media marketing tools enable accurate tracking of activities on the company’s various social profiles, unlike content shared through private channels such as emails. From the analysis of the numerous data collected, it is possible to obtain important information about the degree of satisfaction with a brand, as well as about its followers.
  • The development of interactive relationships with the target audience. In fact, social networks can help the company to establish relationships with users.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Increased brand loyalty or customer loyalty.
  • Increased sales leads or business contacts and sales, because they will increase business opportunities. The company will be able to contact potential customers on a daily basis.
  • Increased website traffic or to the blog. Social networks are considered excellent tools to drive traffic from profiles to websites or blogs.
  • Improve the website’s ranking and/or positioning in search engines to increase brand awareness.
  • Developing a brand authority (or ‘domain authority’) or to increase online reputation as an expert or leader in that specific sector.


👎Problem: if you need more resources. Social platforms are varied and different, so the different forms of content to be published and shared must be adapted to the specificities of each one. Similarly, a social media marketing campaign cannot be launched and left alone. It takes time, dedication and dedicated staff.

👍 How to solve this problem? How to solve this problem? Many companies and many professionals today, instead of using internal staff dedicated to social networks, prefer to use third party companies that offer qualified assistance in Social Media and often at advantageous costs. We can work with your company as a partner. For more information, click here and contact our SkyRocektMonster agency.

👎Problem: negative feedback. You can also receive negative posts from customers that, if poorly managed, can go viral and in doing so, seriously damage a brand’s reputation.

👍 How to solve this problem? We recommend turning to professionals like us, with experience in Social Media Marketing y Online Reputation for crisis management, who will find a smart way to manage dissatisfied customers, perhaps through improved customer service.







It is important to enter social networks with an effective social media marketing strategy. This strategy is developed through the definition of a social media marketing plan that consists on the following steps:

1️⃣ FIRST: perform a social media marketing audit .-

At this stage, the audit activity aims to evaluate the digital assets available, also in relation to the competition, in order to detect what works and what does not work on each social channel.

2️⃣ SECOND: definition of social media marketing objectives .-

Once the digital assets, audience and competition have been analyzed, the next step is to define the objectives and results we hope to achieve. These objectives must be aligned with the overall communication and marketing strategy so that social networks enable the achievement of business objectives.

3️⃣ THIRD: identification of the target audience .-

You must be clear on who your target audience is in order for the message you want to convey on social networks to be effective. Developing typical customer profiles is essential for developing a social media marketing strategy.

4️⃣ FOURTH: creating a social media content strategy .-

Content is very important to generate engagement and achieve marketing objectives. With this in mind, it is essential to follow a strategic approach focused on the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content aimed at a clearly defined audience. However, in order for the communication strategy in the different social networks to be effective, it will be good to plan the management of these contents also according to the type of social networks used.

5️⃣ FIFTH: choosing the right social media marketing platform .-

A social media marketing strategy should also be planned taking into account the market in which the company operates and its typical customer. From this information, it will be possible to choose which social media platforms to boost the most.

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