The best marketing agencies know that changes in digital marketing are constant and that is why they must adapt to all these changes in the best way.

They also know that they compete with great professionals from around the world and that is why they must be interested in global trends, even if they focus on the most local. Your business models should seek to integrate various professionals from different disciplines to offer your clients compelling value propositions. Nowadays, mostly every time, the companies and businesses integrate more the offline with the online part of the business, to achieve powerful results; as well as the joint work between the marketing and advertising departments.

The variety of services confuses anyone, so it is not surprising that you are here looking for some guidance. And the truth is that you should not take it lightly, because the success of your brand positioning depends on your choice.

Therefore below, we show you the keys to choose the best Online Digital Marketing Agencies:


✳️ Agencies focused on the ROI of their clients

ROI (or Return on Investment) is a financial tool that analyzes the profit obtained from your company in relation to the investment made. It is important that the marketing agency you choose achieves results, but not bankruptcy. Therefore, one of the things you should make sure is that the marketing agency is willing to give you and set a budget with you. It is also true that the time in which the ROI results are expected to be achieved are very relative; since it will depend on the amount of time and the investment that you want to use in your business.

✳️ Take into account the personalised relationship

All agencies want to have good clients, but few want to make good friends. And this point is making the difference between agency brands today. People no longer just want to find a digital marketing agency, they need closer treatment, they need to hear the real needs of their clients and if they understand your brand as part of your team. When you start a relationship with a marketing agency, look at how they serve you, what they ask you, if they really care about your needs, beyond the economic transaction.

✳️ It should give you confidence from the beginning

If a marketing agency does not give you confidence, better stay away. Trust is the base value to start a healthy relationship. To feel confident you can take into account some indicators such as, for example, the design of your website, the communication method you use to contact your customers. You can also keep an eye on their reputation by looking for their customers’ comments on social media and other reviews on Google.

✳️ Check if they have experience in your sector

Es importante saber si la agencia tiene experiencia en tu sector, ya que, aunque haya conseguido buenos resultados en un sector, no significa que lo consigan para otro. También es importante saber si se especializa en marcas personales, Pymes, en corporaciones o en industrias, ya que, cada uno de estos sectores tiene sus particularidades. Existen muy buenas agencias de marketing digital en Madrid enfocadas en diferentes sectores, así que no desesperes en la elección.

It is important to know if the agency has experience in your sector, since, although it has achieved good results in one sector, it does not mean that they will achieve it for anothers. It is also important to know if they specialize Ex. in personal brands, SMEs, corporations or industries, since each of these sectors has its peculiarities. There are very good digital marketing agencies in Madrid focused on different sectors, so do not despair in the choice.

✳️ Find out if they have a professional team that stands out

If something is important for transparency and trust, it is knowing the team of people who will be behind the digital marketing work. Even if you are a freelancer who works alone, it is also important that you have a certain position within your sector, appear on LinkedIn and have active social networks and a design website. Beware of all those agencies that offer great digital results, but are like ‘ghosts’ on the web.

⭕️ Differences between marketing and advertising agencies ⭕️

It is fundamental to know the differences between what a marketing agency does and what an advertising agency does, so that you are clear about which of them you need at this time.

Normally, the Marketing agencies do pre-advertising work. Your job is to create the main strategy for the brand. They will focus on helping you:

  • Describe your ideal target audience
  • Find the tone of your voice for your brand
  • Research and analyse the work of your competition. 
  • Find the keywords for your brand and/or for your campaign. 
  • Adapt the packaging of your product to your users or clients.
  • Make a careful and specific Digital Marketing Plan.

By contrast, advertising agencies need all this information as the basis for a specific campaign. Their work will focus on publicising your brand, the product or service you have and positioning it in the market. This is possible by creating advertisements and disseminating them through the media. They are the advertising agencies, which will be in charge of helping you choose the right media for your brand.

As you can see, the marketing and advertising work is complemented, many marketing agencies in general, also offer you their advertising agency service, so, if you are thinking of carrying out both, this option may help you in the search for your ideal agency.

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SkyRocketMONSTER it’s a Digital Marketing Agency, with professional experts in optimising companies since they are born to the most experieced;  going from offline to online. In addition, we are specialised in the management of social networks, SEO positioning, and the development of web pages, among others.

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