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SEO positioning is a Search Engine Optimization strategy, such as Google, which has the advantage of achieving greater visibility of a website in search engines.

The strategies that work to achieve search engine optimization are many and depend on each project and the time of that project in its life cycle.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a digital agency to help us in our goals, although it is also true that the number of SEO agencies in Madrid are many, so here we list the most common types of agencies, so you can choose the one that best suits you according to what you need for your project, business or brand.




⭐️ Google SEO positioning agencies 

There are SEO agencies in Madrid that are dedicated exclusively to positioning web pages on Google, the truth is that most agencies are dedicated to this almost priority search engine, because it is the one with the greatest impact on business sales in Spain and practically throughout Europe.

The idea of positioning a web page for Google is to make a website easily crawled by Google’s ‘SpiderNet’. 🕸️

It is important to note that Google is constantly changing its algorithm and positioning policies, so that agencies dedicated to offering SEO positioning services, must be constantly updated and pending Google’s movements. 

When choosing, make sure that it is a Google partner or that it shows evidence of its dominance over this search engine.

⭐️ Amazon SEO positioning agencies

Just as there are SEO agencies in Madrid specialised in positioning in Google, there are also those specialised in other search engines such as Amazon. Amazon is probably the most common search engine among ‘Marketplaces’ which has an advantage over Google; because people who are looking for something on Amazon, usually do it with the intention of buying. 🛍️

Amazon’s algorithm is not as sophisticated as Google’s, so achieving a good organic positioning is not easy in this search engine. 

If your intention is to get help with Amazon specifically, look for SEO agencies that are specialise in this search engine.

⭐️ Linkbuilding specialised agencies 

A strategy that helps to have a better position in search engines, is the so-called ‘linkbuilding’ strategy.

Linkbuilding is a SEO technique that consists of link building, where we look for other pages to link to our website. 🔗

When a website links to us, it is contributing to reinforce the domain authority we have on the topic we were linked to. This will improve the ranking of our website in general and of the linked page in particular.

This linking strategy can be organic, that is, getting people to link to us because they find our content valuable, or it can be artificial. The artificial link strategy is known as ‘linkbuilding’. 

It is important to note that the ‘linkbuilding’ strategy is not seen with good eyes by Google and when it suspects that a page has artificial links, it can penalize us further decreasing the ranking of the page. 

However, many SEO companies in Madrid, are specifically dedicated to make these links look natural and have SEO positioning advantages. Search only for SEO agencies in Madrid specialised in this strategy when you decide to build your links.

⭐️ Web developer in SEO positioning

SEO positioning is something that must be worked from the beginning of the digital project we have, and that is just when we need a web developer. 👨‍💻

The activities performed by an expert web developer are closely linked to the SEO positioning of the page.

These activities are related to what is known as internal positioning, where attention is paid to strategies such as a ‘responsible or responsive’ web design, the creation of a good ‘user experience’ (UX), the structuring of an easy website for both the ‘robots that crawl us’ and for users, the creation of a ‘sitemap’, the structuring of internal links’ with sense, are some aspects to take into account.

Therefore, when you start a project from the beginning, choose SEO positioning companies in Madrid that have tutorials to guide you through the steps that a digital project should follow. 

It is true that, if you hire an agency, they will take care of everything, from content creation to editing and publishing; but if this is not your case, you should learn some details that will help you with SEO positioning. Some of those aspects are: → choose short titles with the keyword, → write a meta-description in each article, → optimize the images you choose and → create a blog with coherently written articles that include at least 1000 words with the selected keywords, etc.


⚠️ Remember that to have a good SEO positioning in Madrid you have to start by hiring a reliable server and choose a name for your website related to your main activity, in this you can help an SEO consultant, or the company you have chosen to host your project.

And in some cases, you will have noticed that even the SEO positioning starts before your website is already published online.😉

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