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Why should I use a Sales Funnel?

A “sales funnel” is called as such because it is structured exactly like a funnel in which a lot enters, and despite only little comes out, it is of good quality.

Many potential customers come in interested in the “story” narrated in the Funnel or perceived from its style, to later be accompanied along a well planned path, which leads them out of the funnel exactly where we wanted. Those who get to the end of this funnel are not a lot but they are users ready to make the purchase.

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  • Obtaine leads.
  • Convert leads into buyers.
  • Increase the purchase frequency and/or the average order.

A well designed Sales Funnel will allow to generate brand awareness, create interest in your new products or services, increase conversion rates and promote your business on Google and/or Social Media.

Lead people to the right places


The Funnel alone however cannot yield results if it is not combined with a well designed and structured advertising campaign. 

It is a must to understand in advance who will be the target of the campaign, and therefore of the Funnel, to be able to insert something that attracts attention and makes users want to enter the funnel, to later transform them into clients.

SkyRocketMonster adapts to the budget you have available to obtain the best results and promote your business through Google and/or Social Media.

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Web Agency Roma


We gather information, analyse your target market, do keywords research and design a funnel to attract potential customers and lead them all the way to the purchase moment. 

Depending on your business, we advise on what other marketing strategies you could benefit from.



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    Funnels give us the possibility to analyse the behavior of users that enter inside. The Analysis of these reports is very important to adjust the focus of the Funnel. It is therefore fundamental to maintain the current Funnel following customer trends to be able to fully respond to the needs that the target market requires at that time. 

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    To learn more about how a funnel works, take a look at our article Build a killer sale funnel in 5 steps” or book a call with our marketing specialists to get personalised advice.

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