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Matrem Bakery

i Goals

Matrem Bakery, a renowned bakery specializing in Gourmet Pizza and artisanal desserts, needed to strengthen its connection with its existing audience, actively engage them and, at the same time, expand its visibility to attract new customers.

Customer needs

  1. Creation and management of pages on major social media.
  2. Website Creation
  3. Seo work

Our Response:

  1. Social Media Page Restyling and Management: SkyRocketMonster took on the challenge of maintaining and enhancing the connection with Matrem’s audience through a complete redesign of the social media pages. This included a new visual design that reflected the authenticity and quality of the products offered, as well as active management to foster engagement.
  2. Customized Content: We have been constantly working on creating targeted and customized content tailored to Matrem’s target audience. The goal was to create an emotional connection with regular users and attract new ones by effectively communicating the artisanal values and passion that characterize Matrem Bakery.
  3. Website Creation: SkyRocketMonster designed and developed a new website for Matrem Bakery. The platform is designed to provide an engaging digital showcase of products, making the browsing experience intuitive and enjoyable for visitors. The site includes detailed product information, online ordering, and a section devoted to the stories behind Matrem’s creations.

The Impact:

SkyRocketMonster’s intervention produced significant impacts for Matrem Bakery. The combination of a revamped visual aesthetic, engaging content, and a functional website has led to increased participation from regular users and helped solidify Matrem Bakery’s reputation in the industry.

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