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i Goals

MachineyScanner, a leading company in the buying and selling of large industrial machinery, approached SkyRocketMonster with the goal of consolidating its online presence through a targeted public relations (PR) strategy. The client was clear about the goal of improving the visibility of its business through corporate press releases and informative blog articles, with the goal of positioning itself as a benchmark in the industry.

Customer needs

MachineyScanner’s needs were specific and geared toward building a solid and reliable reputation in the market. The need for well-edited corporate press releases and informative blog articles was motivated by a desire to present the range of industrial machinery in an appealing way while providing in-depth information about the industry. The client aimed to become a recognized authority in the field of buying and selling large industrial machinery.

Our Response:

SkyRocketMonster met the challenge with a tailored PR strategy designed to bring out MachineyScanner’s history and experience in the industry. We began by creating eye-catching corporate press releases, highlighting key developments, partnerships and distinctive features of client companies. In parallel, we maintained a section of the company blog dedicated to informative content, offering insights into new technologies, industry trends, and practical advice for buyers of large industrial machinery and industry companies.

The creation of engaging content, enhanced by high-quality images and technical insights, has helped solidify MachineyScanner’s position as a trusted and informed brand in the industry.

The Impact:

Thanks to the PR strategy implemented by SkyRocketMonster, MachineyScanner has experienced a significant increase in visibility and authority in its industry. Accurate press releases and informative articles attracted the attention of potential customers, solidifying the company’s reputation as a reliable point of reference for buying and selling industrial machinery. The impact was reflected not only in online metrics, such as site views and social media interactions, but also in positive brand perception in the marketplace.

In conclusion, the partnership with SkyRocketMonster has enabled MachineyScanner to achieve its goals of visibility and authority, positioning itself as a key player in the competitive industry of buying and selling large industrial machinery. The partnership continues to thrive as we implement innovative strategies to maintain and expand the success we have achieved.

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