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i Goals

Epilpro is committed to providing high-quality permanent and cosmetic hair removal services. The challenge was to bring this company into the digital world through a new brand design, an intuitive website, an effective SEO strategy, and an engaging social media presence, as well as selling its services online.

Customer needs

a) Catchy and Intuitive Brand: It was essential to create a brand that would catch the eye and intuitively convey Epilpro’s professionalism.

b) Explicative Site: The site had to be clear in presenting the services offered, making it easy for the public to understand Epilpro’s offerings.

(c) Dialogue with the Target Audience: The goal was to establish a meaningful dialogue with the target audience to understand their needs and desires.

(d) Online Advertising: The online advertising strategy was to expand Epilpro’s visibility by reaching potential customers interested in the services offered.

Our Response:

  • Logo Design: l logo is the distinctive symbol of the corporate brand and represents the corporate identity in the digital world and beyond. With our team of creative and experienced designers, we worked carefully to understand Epilpro’s corporate vision, corporate values, and target audience. Using this customized approach, we created a logo that would capture the essence of the company and be able to stick in customers’ memories.
  • Revolutionary WordPress Site: SkyRocketMonster designed a new, modern and intuitive WordPress site that clearly communicates the services offered by Solution&Management. Now, the public can easily understand the wide range of services and contact the company with ease.
  • Strategic SEO and Engaging Content: We are constantly working on SEO, creating optimized articles for Solution&Management’s corporate blog, maintaining their presence at the top of search engines.
  • Active Social Media Presence: We created a strategic social media plan, opening pages on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The eye-catching editorial calendar ensures a continuous and engaging presence.
  • Targeted Advertising: SkyRocketMonster implemented a Google and Meta advertising strategy to expand Solution&Management’s online visibility by reaching the right audience at the right time.

The Impact:

Result?A client extremely satisfied with the work done. Epilpro now has a digital presence that reflects the quality of their services and captures the attention of their desired audience.

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