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Claim Flight

i Goals

ClaimFlight, a company dedicated to providing free legal advice and assistance to passengers affected by airline disruptions, approached SkyRocketMonster with the goal of expanding awareness of its mission and bringing greater visibility to initiatives supporting passenger rights. The main objective was to spread the message of the free legal assistance offered by ClaimFlight in Italy as well, positioning the company as a reliable guide for those who have suffered inconveniences during air travel.

Customer needs

ClaimFlight’s requirements centered on the need to clearly and persuasively communicate the company’s commitment to providing legal assistance to passengers affected by delays, cancellations, or other inconveniences during flights, including in Italy. The client was looking for a public relations (PR) service that could create incisive and compelling corporate press releases that would highlight ClaimFlight’s social mission.

Our Response:

SkyRocketMonster responded to ClaimFlight’s needs with a PR strategy focused on amplifying the message of free legal assistance for passengers. We began by creating a targeted press release highlighting success stories and testimonials of passengers helped by ClaimFlight. We have worked closely with the ClaimFlight team to convey the company’s passion and dedication to making legal advice accessible to those who need it.

The Impact:

SkyRocketMonster’s implementation of the PR strategy has had a significant impact on the perception of ClaimFlight and awareness of its mission. The impact has been reflected in the growth in the number of users in Italy who have benefited from ClaimFlight’s legal assistance and the increase in awareness of the service among passengers.

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