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Adriatic Services

i Goals

Adriatico Servizi, a multiservice company, was faced with the desire to redefine its identity and gain online visibility, with a particular focus on promoting the many different services the company carries on as the Rail Division.

Customer needs

(a) Creation of a Logo .

(b) Focused Website.

c) Blogs and Copywriting Content

(d) Social Media Presence.

f) Google My Business configuration

Our Response:

a) Creating a Logo for the Gardening Division: SkyRocketMonster developed a logo tailored for Adriatico Services. The goal was to create a visually appealing brand that reflected the owner’s personality and effectively connected with the target audience.

(b) Focused Website: We opened a website with detailed information about the services offered.

(c) Blog and Content Marketing: Starting a blog within the site provided a space to explain and advise, demonstrating Adriatico Services’ experience and expertise. Targeted content marketing has kept audiences engaged and informed.

(d) Social Media Presence: We have opened social media pages to connect directly with users. This online presence was managed in a manner consistent with the tone and style of Adriatico Services, creating a closer connection with the public.

f) Google My Business configuration: To improve visibility on Google Maps, we configured Google My Business, enabling Adriatico Services to be easily found online by potential local customers.

The Impact:

SkyRocketMonster’s intervention produced remarkable results for Adriatico Services. The new visual identity, dedicated website, informative blog, and active social media presence have generated a significant increase in visibility and engagement.

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