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We are the Digital Monsters of Innovation!

"If we all advance together, success will come on its own." (Henry Ford)

We understand the challenges because we have been there: we share your passion and know what it takes to win.

chi siamo

Hello everyone! I am Stefano d’Alberti, the founder of SkyRocketMonster, an exciting journey that kicked off in 2018. I am a digital entrepreneur, marketer, and Sales and Marketing coach, and my passion is helping Start-ups grow and achieve.

During my years around Europe, I have had the privilege of working with many start-ups, guiding them on the path of scaling their business online.

I have seen the challenges, faced the opportunities, and learned that marketing is anever-evolving art . It is this spirit of growth and adaptation that inspired the birth of SkyRocketMonster!

But I am not alone in this adventure! I wanted to involve my sister, Ilaria d’Alberti, a true helmswoman in the creative sector. Ilaria is our Content Strategist and Marketing Designer, a passionate writer and creative mind with a keen aesthetic taste. Her experience in the Italian cultural sector as a creative director brought a unique perspective to our team.

Together, we have created a team of strategists, marketers, designers and technicians who work closely with our clients. We are not just a marketing agency, we are an ecosystem that embraces challenges and turns them into opportunities. We have created an environment where ideas flow freely, where passion for marketing and design combines with technical knowledge to offer innovative and customized solutions.

Welcome to SkyRocketMonster, where your story becomes our mission!

We collaborate together creatively

Team: SkyRocketMonster

How he works the team

How we work
: We assemble a team around our client, based on the professionals he or she needs, all coordinated by a contact manager who will follow the unfolding of the entire project, staying in close contact with the client.

Our mission is to create world-class digital experiences that not only capture attention, but drive revenue growth.

We are here to accompany you and your projects, because we believe that behind every brand there is a unique story to tell. We are ready to get your online business off the ground, share challenges and celebrate successes.


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We collaborate with partners who share our vision of innovation, quality and sustainable growth, forming alliances that enable us to offer our clients increasingly comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions.

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