Local Marketing

Make it easier for potential customers in your area to find you!

What is local marketing?

Local Marketing is the heir to word of mouth that was used in the past. Today, that the world passes all through the Web, this Marketing strategy is used to succeed in appealing to a selected audience by getting them to a specific physical location.

Why is it necessary for Local Marketing to go through the web?

Today’s paradox is precisely that in order to do local advertising, you have to go through the global universe of the Web. This happens because the computer and, even more so, the cell phone, can get closer to your potential customer than any other kind of advertising you can come up with. In fact, everyone has their phone in their hand all the time, at work, in moments of relaxation, in moments of waiting, and often even in the bathroom. This makes it the main tool on which you imprint a successful Marketing strategy.

For whom is Local Marketing indicated?

For all those who have business in a physical location, such as shopkeepers, restaurateurs, pharmacists, managers of Franchise stores.

What is the goal of Local Marketing?

Local Marketing allows you to create a loyal community in close proximity to your business to which you can target discounts, promotions and offers! The radius of influence is generally a maximum of 10 km from it.

What tools does Local Marketing generally use?

  • First among them is Local SEO. In fact, it is critical that our site comes out in the top positions, when a potential customer does a local search on Google!
  • Google My Business. This is a Google tool created specifically for local marketing. It absolutely must be exploited and set up properly.
  • Google AdWords. Another very useful tool from Google that will allow you to create ads aimed at a specific area and targeted audience.
  • Facebook This Facebook tool allows you to get to very precisely segment your target audience, as well as track the results of a given campaign.
  • Social Media. Social media nowadays are always a great help in marketing and will give you the opportunity to communicate directly with users, building their loyalty.
  • Online reviews. Having good online reviews is critically important in any kind of business that deals with the public. Everyone now looks at reviews on the Internet, it makes no difference if you are looking for a restaurant, a shoe store, or if you have to choose a doctor or dentist instead.

These are just a few of the Marketing strategies that can be implemented from a Local perspective. The important thing is to know how to choose the right path according to one’s “local” needs, precisely.

For business owners, getting found easily by potential customers living in the same area is crucial.

If you are one of them, be easily found by customers in your area who are looking for you!



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