LinkedIn Ads and Outreach: how to do quality lead generation on LinkedIn

With more than 830 million users, LinkedIn, in recent years, has established itself as the world’s most influential professional networking platform in any job sector. Among the greatest potential for the individual user are personal branding and online reputation; at the same time, LinkedIn can also offer a large number of options for companies to highlight their business in both B2B and B2C. As stated, in fact, by Hubspot Research: “
Linkedin in B2B is 277% more ‘effective in generating leads on target than Facebook and Twitter

Today, in addition to this great potential, LinkedIn is also widely exploitable for lead generation activity. Especially because of the platform’s ability to implement very specific and segmentable retargeting, you are able to track certain job categories, companies and professional roles on which to target your marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Ads and lead generation

What is meant by lead generation on LinkedIn? The platform provides users with LinkedIn Ads, a web marketing tool, which allows individual users and companies to connect with their target professional community by publishing advertising content and acquiring contacts from potential clients.

Linkedin lead collection campaigns are a particularly attractive tool, compared to those that can be implemented in other platforms, especially in cases where the goal is to reach users with specific characteristics.

LinkedIn Ads allows different types and formats of advertising, including:

  • Sponsored content: posts viewable in the feed, perfect for amplifying content reach.
  • Text ads: advertisements displayed on various pages. They include a title, a short sentence and an image. The result of this type of ads is measured by cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM).
  • Sponsored InMail messages: messages sent directly from advertisers Unlike other social networking sites on LinkedIn, it is important to rely on quality contacts, rather than quantity. It is, in fact, more effective to target and focus one’s searches and messages on users related to our business.

LinkedIn Outreach

Direct messages are the primary method of one-to-one communication, and the LinkedIn Outreach process revolves precisely around messaging. Outreach on LinkedIn is the process of reaching potential customers by selecting a target audience and sending messaging.

Outreach on LinkedIn unlike inbound techniques, allows you to actively seek out your customer base instead of waiting for customers to find your business.

LinkedIn Outreach is based on 3 basic inputs:

  • Mass activity: with LinkedIn Outreach, it is important to have a mass strategy, contact many users in the target sphere.
  • Targeting: at the heart of a successful strategy, it is important to send personalized messages to the right people. It is necessary to carefully select contact persons and segment potential customers by criteria such as company size, job title, or location.
  • Personalization: as with any good Outreach campaign, the more personalized the messages, the greater the chance of achieving the goal.

If you were able to really understand the great potential of LinkedIn after this article, what are you waiting for to contact us to start your LinkedIn strategy!

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