Is the Shopify Store a Good Solution for Online Shopping?

If you are thinking about setting up an online store with many products, then we definitely recommend Shopify!

It is true that it is not always the best solution for everyone, but it is a great e-commerce solution to sell online if you are looking for something straightforward and effective. 

Shopify is a software that enables you to build and manage an online store and it is in constant evolution, which means you will always get updates and the latest improvements. The company claims that there are over 1,000,000 online Shopify stores in the world, and we believe it’s true! 

In brief, if you set up a Shopify Store, you will get a complete, intuitive, flexible and user-friendly e-commerce platform where you can sell your products internationally!

Why choose Shopify over other selling website platforms? 

Shopify has many selling points, including different payment methods, a powerful inventory system and a phone app that allows you to do safe transactions. It obviously has, like everything, some drawbacks, but we think the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

We want to show you an example of e-commerce website we made in our agency for a business that sells products designed for weight loss and purification of the body call 👉 LE TISANE DI ZAHARA

Image: Example of E-Commerce created by SkyRocketMonster with Shopify – “Tisane di Zahara”

▪️ Sell on different Social Media platforms or from a point of sale through Shopify

Buying directly from Facebook or Instagram is gaining popularity and by connecting to these channels, Shopify has made the job very easy for both sellers and clients. Also, if you are selling your products at fairs, markets, or at any other pop-up, it allows you to connect your portable card reader, and with Shopify POS, transactions are made straight from the online store inventory. 

Social Media icons can be also integrated on your Shopify Store for easy access to users. 

▪️ Shopify’s products database and inventory management system

Shopify is a solid platform designed specifically to sell products online, which means it can deal with extensive inventories and it can grow as your business expands. 

Image: Products page of Tisane di Zahara 

Some people are not so happy because some specific features have to be bought extra as add-on apps, but there are many options already included in the package you choose, that you may not need all those extra elements to create a functional and beautiful online store! 

▪️ Different Payment Options available on Shopify 

Shopify offers a variety of payment options, and as it works all over the world, in most countries it allows you to pay with the local currency, which is perfect for your international customers, plus, it accepts specific cryptocurrencies!

Besides, Shopify has improved its payment system lately and with the Shopify Payment Gateway, some commissions that were previously applied due to third party alliances, have been eliminated and transaction costs have been reduced. 

▪️ Handle your business through the Shopify App 

You can manage transactions and shipping directly from your mobile phone or tablet with the Shopify App.  

▪️   Get your customers interested through a Blog on Shopify 

Shopify gives you the possibility of having a blog on your website and this is one of the best ways to attract potential customers and improve SEO, as well as making your brand or company known and increase sales. We therefore recommend you make the most of it. If you are not too keen on writing, our copywriters can write articles for you. 

Image:Blog of Tisane di Zahara 

▪️ Manage Shipping on your Shopify Store

Shipping is very simple and although you will be in complete charge, which means you will need to choose your carriers and organize it, the platform offers interesting tools that may facilitate the process, such as inventory management or label making. 

▪️  Design choices and customization for your Shopify E-Commerce  

There are many designs to choose from and these can be modified to your liking and brand identity. The layouts and functionalities can feel a little limited to those who want a very specific look, but you can always buy add-ons cheaply to add those specific features that will make your online store look like you want it to be. 

Image: Example page of Tisane di Zahara 

▪️ There is no need to buy your domain through Shopify

You can connect your domain if you have one already, or buy one through a third-party provider. 

How to get clients to your Shopify online store

Once your online store is up and running, you will need to think of a strategy to get potential customers to your website, as well as persuading them to buy your products. 

✔️Get people to know you!

Marketing is key, and it is very important to target the right audience in order to run specific advertising campaigns on Social Media and Google to attract potential customers.  

✔️Make sure you optimize your SEO!

Search Engine Optimization is what helps you give visibility to your website and score a high ranking on Google. It takes time and it is not always possible to position yourself at the top, but aiming for the first or second page it’s a good goal to start with. 

✔️Set up a BLOG!

It is important to have informative, interesting and SEO optimised articles to get users not only to find your page, but to stay on it, and then move on to other parts of your website. Demonstrating you are an expert in your field and that you can offer the best products is always to your advantage.

If you don’t have time to focus on all of this yourself, our Marketing Team will be more than happy to give you a hand. 

Create your Shopify e-commerce yourself or get help to set it up? 

Choosing a design and customizing it to create your website sounds like fun, and many people love doing it themselves, but there are various things to consider when setting up a Shopify e-commerce site and it can turn into a headache for those who don’t have time or are not so tech-savvy. 

You can make it yourself, or we can make it for you. We like to be transparent in our way of working and if you decide to let SkyRocketMonster create your online store we will work very closely to ensure you are satisfied with the result. 

To sum up 

 Shopify is designed to sell products online and handle large inventories, and if that is your aim, it will do its job perfectly! In terms of design and templates, it offers a variety of free themes, which are relatively customizable as well as many premium ones. It is also designed to include a blog and depending on your business, it can be a great opportunity to attract customers. 

If however, you don’t have a lot of products to sell and you are quite picky on design or looking for something totally customizable, then we suggest you take a look at WordPress

SkyRocketMonster Agency works with both platforms, and if you are unsure and would like some advice, our specialist team will be happy to help! 

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