Marketing agencies in Europe are growing more and more, and businesses are not very clear about how they can help them. Meanwhile, with the Coronavirus pandemic that we had experienced; many people had to or are about to close their businesses.

From SkyRocketMONSTER Agency, we have written this article, dedicated to all those businesses that want to start and improve their Digital Strategy or start their journey in the online business, so necessary for this and other times of economic downturn.

And it is that, before jumping into the void, it is necessary to devise a Digital Marketing Campaign and therefore, draw up some Strategies depending on the sector to which our business or project is dedicated.

This is where we come in so that your campaigns shine and make your company shine, through the following Creative Process.


Some tips that we use when making digital marketing campaigns are the following:

Analyze from which points you start with your business idea or physical store

If you want 50% of a campaign’s work to be safe, create a plan. A Digital Marketing Plan will help you a lot to understand the type of campaign you need for the launch that you have in mind. This will allow you to realized from which point you start and the gap that you must close to reach your goal. To verify from which point you start, we recommend:

  1. Review the report of your metrics in terms of all social networks, sales volume, response from previous campaigns, online reputation, etc.
  2. Know what your closest competition is doing, you do not have to copy the digital marketing campaigns of the competition, but it is definitely a good starting point to create your own.
  3. Update the buyer persona of your target customer for the online marketing campaign. Add to this document new descriptions about data such as the networks they use the most, the most urgent needs or the most immediate social problems, among others. In this way, your digital marketing campaigns can be more assertive.

Be clear about the objective you want to pursue in your campaign

Cualquier objetivo que se plantee en una campaña de marketing digital, debe obedecer a un objetivo del negocio. Este no debe ser un objetivo caprichoso como el de aumentar seguidores en Facebook porque nos hace más populares. La descripción de los objetivos debe ser SMART, es decir, específico, medible, alcanzable, realista y preciso para alcanzar en un período de tiempo; de lo contrario se habla de un objetivo poco inteligente, lo que puede ser ambiguo y abstracto para alcanzarse. Los objetivos de marketing digital más comunes son:

Any objective that is raised in a digital marketing campaign must recognised a business objective. This should not be a whimsical goal like increasing Facebook followers because it makes us more popular. The description of the objectives must be SMART, that is, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and precise to achieve in a period of time; otherwise it is spoken of an unintelligent objective, which can be ambiguous and abstract to be achieved. The most common digital marketing goals are:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase the visibility of a product
  • Increase the number of records in the database
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase sales

Once you have identified the objective you are pursuing, the following is to make it quantifiable, that is, identify the KPI with which you can measure it.

For example, if your objective is to increase the notoriety of the brand, you need to identify the KPI that will indicate that the brand has had notoriety, in social networks it can be measured with the impressions that a certain post has had.

✅ Identify and segment your market audience

The most successful campaigns are those that manage to reach a number of effective people, that is, the people who would buy your products because they are really interested. It is useless to reach many people where more than 50% are not interested in your products or services.

To prevent this from happening, the best thing you can do is to segment your target audience as much as you can. Social networks have very good segmentation filters when doing digital marketing campaigns; At low cost, you can obtain the necessary data and complement it with the remarketing tools, to achieve the expected results in the campaign.

Adapt the channels to the stage of the funnel you want to impact

The conversion funnel is made up of three clearly defined phases:

  1. The start of the funnel known as TOFU
  2. the middle of the funnel called MOFU
  3. and the end of the funnel called BOFU.

To impact each of these areas of the funnel, it is necessary to choose the appropriate channel that will provide us with the best results.

For example, in the initial phase when we want to make ourselves known, the most appropriate thing is to do display campaigns or on social networks. However, when we already have leads in our database, the most appropriate channel is email marketing. And finally, remarketing strategies are better suited to help give that ”push” that our potential customers are missing in their final purchase phase

Always stay updated and up to date

The online environment is an environment that is constantly evolving, that is why professionals who are dedicated to making digital marketing campaigns always have to be very up-to-date, perhaps that is the secret of the best.

Therefore, our recommendation is that you take a look at various online campaigns of the moment so that you can refresh your techniques and add newness to your ideas.

Hire digital marketing services

Y si crees que todo lo anterior te abruma, entonces, nuestra recomendación es que contrates los servicios de marketing digital a una buena agencia para hacer tus campañas. Existen de todos los tamaños y de todos los presupuestos, desde freelances hasta grandes agencias, así que no tienes excusa en cuanto al presupuesto.

And if you think that all of the above overwhelms you, then our recommendation is that you hire for your business a digital marketing services from a good agency to carry out your campaigns, and save yourself a lot of headaches. The professionals in this sector, come in all sizes and with a lot of types of budgets, from freelancers to big agencies, so you have no excuse when it comes because of budget.

📍From our Agency SkyRocketMONSTER,  we wanted to write this article to be able to show entrepeneurs and businesses that want to convert to a digital project, in a summarized steps, our way of working as a marketing and communication digital agency.

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Delta Vita is one of the success stories that we have carried out in Italy, among others.

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