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Healthcare Marketing

With the advent of the Internet, Marketing has changed markets in all sectors, including the Healthcare one. People no longer rely on word of mouth to choose which professional to go to but search on the internet. 

If you are a doctor or healthcare professional, it has become essential for you to have a good image and an excellent online reputation. Whereas before, there was a certain detachment between doctor and patient, what is now required is a continuous dialogue that needs to be kept open with professionalism and consistency.

SkyRocketMonster, present for years in the Health world, will help you by using traditional Digital Marketing tools and applying them to the healthcare sector so that you can be found by your target market and develop a relationship of trust with them.

In the healthcare sector, more than in other sectors, professionals have the need to establish a relationship of trust with consumers because of the transparency of the offer.

Marketing Medico Roma


Analyzing your target audience is an important step in a marketing plan. Therefore, we must understand the needs/shortcomings of your audience and your patients to ensure we reach and engage them with quality content. This way, we will help you stand out and be found by those looking for a similar profile to yours. 

Find the right audience for your company


We create Professional Pages on Social Media.

We take care of personalizing and managing them in order to give you visibility and allowing you to communicate with your patients and your audience.

We create valuable content, that will reflect your character and personality, and will help you maintain or build an excellent online reputation.

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Marketing Medico Roma
Marketing Medico Roma


Having an excellent professional reputation is often not enough to have an excellent online reputation. The most popular professionals are often targeted with criticism by those few unhappy patients who vent on social networks, giving the green light to malice and insults. In these cases, it is essential to:

1) be quick with responses because anything on the web moves pretty fast

2) respond calmly and emphatically to criticism, yet clearly and decisively, to dissuade others from doing the same.

SkyRocketMonster will monitor your online profile and manage all those negative comments, trying to turn them into opportunities to highlight the concerned professional’s strengths.

Defend your reputation


Stand out from your competitors with a neat modern website where you can tell your story and make your skills shine! 

That gap between doctor and patient doesn’t exist today, and users want to know the story behind every professionalism.

On your website, you can tell your story, and we will help you. Check out our Web Design pages for more information.

Be recognized
Marketing Medico Roma
Marketing Medico Roma


Have you ever thought about having a blog? We can create it and write SEO-optimized articles for you that will give you greater visibility.

A blog will allow you to create contents that will help you communicate with your patients.

This will help you to rank higher on search engines and distinguish yourself from your colleagues.

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