Google Ads

Google Ads

When clients search for businesses like yours on Google, make sure they find you!

Being able to offer your target audience the product or service they are looking for at the right time is key. By all means, we will study your audience preferences and plan an effective campaign. 

We have tried and tested Google Ads and are aware of its potential, and that’s why we recommend it to our clients. 

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The essential part of any type of campaign is the “targeting of your audience”, that is, to understand precisely with whom you will establish a link, and to figure out their interests. Once this is done, an in-depth analysis will need to be carried out on which are the most searched or used keywords by this specific audience so that they can be inserted in the the advertising campaigns.

This procedure ensures that the campaigns which are created and structured adequately are seen by those users who might be interested, and that they are not “thrown in bulk” wasting time, energy and money.

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Unsure of which campaign type is the best for your business? There are different types to choose from depending on what your goal is. 

For example:

  • TRAFFIC CAMPAIGN: aimed at making your brand/company known to the public directing it towards your own Social Accounts and/or Website.
  • RE-TARGETING: campaign designed to show up again to those who have already visited your profiles, to remind them of your brand and propose, for example, new products or offers.
  • PRODUCT CAMPAIGN: used to show a specific product, event or offer to those that may be interested based on their interests and/or geographical area.

Either way, whether it´s about organic, shopping or video, we can advise you to help you obtain those genuine clicks from potential clients!

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You will have access to Google Ads platform at all times which means you will be able to follow the planning and development of the campaign.

A cornerstone of our agency is transparency.  In fact, we give each of our clients who requests it, access to the Google Ads platform, so that they can monitor the progress themselves and follow in real time the planning and the development of their campaigns.

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    We’ll always provide you with end of the month reports and suggest possible improvements for the campaign, such as changes in the text/title, keyword variations, and bid readjustments.

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