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A little bit about us

SkyRocketMonster is an International Marketing Agency, with a team that works between two countries and two offices: Madrid and Rome.

The agency works with clients from all over Europe. It collaborates with more than 100 different organizations and to date has launched more than 100 websites in the web universe.

Despite this, choosing SkyRocketMonster means getting a personalized experience. Each client has a dedicated consultant to work with, someone who will follow the project with commitment and consistency, to ensure the best return on investment (along with a smile and a cup of coffee when passing by the agency’s offices).

How did we start?

Stefano d’Alberti, is a digital entrepreneur, Marketer, Sales/Marketing coach, who for years has been traveling around Europe helping many Star-Ups to grow and succeed, scaling their online business with the latest marketing strategies.

Stefano is the one who had the “vision”.

In 2018 he founded the SkyRocketMonster Agency, in very few days with a laptop and a lot of coffee, he laid the foundations for the International Marketing Agency we have today.

Stefano didn’t stay alone in this project, he wanted to involve his sister Ilaria, who quickly became an indispensable helmsman of the creative sector.

Ilaria d’Alberti is a Content Strategist and Marketing Designer, as well as a passionate writer with a strong aesthetic taste, who has worked for years in the Italian cultural sector.

She has, as she says, “redone the look” of many online companies and helped many influencers and Business Men, to come out of the shadows.

Since then, thanks to ©BroMarketing Strategy, SkyRocketMonster has grown in employees, customers, and quality of coffee in the office to proudly become what it is today.

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