Creative Process

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Being creative means, first of all, doing something unusual … on the other hand, however unusual, the idea must be logical enough for people to take it seriously.
– Howard Gardner –

Agenzia marketing roma


Time of gathering the material.
We interview our customers to understand exactly what they need, their tastes, and preferences.
We study the reference market.
We study the main competitors in the sector.
We analyze what has been done by the client up to that point, as well as the needs and/or shortcomings of the target audience.
Let’s do brainstorming, where we analyze the different possibilities that present themselves to us.

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We put together all the information collected and form our “Puzzle” by tracing the strategy to follow. In this step we begin to outline the structure of the work, based on the client’s expectations, the goal to be achieved, the target market and the budget to be invested to achieve the result.

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Agenzia marketing roma


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    Agenzia marketing roma


    The ideation phase begins, in which in addition to the purely rational aspect, we let the unconscious work. In this Step, we let ourselves be surprised by emotions because we aim for the WOW effect. Most of the advertisements do not appeal to reason, but to the emotion that leaves its mark. To ensure that the material created is able to surprise and attract the public, there are no fixed rules to follow, but it is certainly important that the message is fresh and simple and that it makes it clear that behind the idea there is concreteness.

    Here, then, is the story to be told, with visual storytelling, or the art of telling with images, which stimulates the interest and empathy of the idea on the public.

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    This is also called the Test phase, which is the evaluation phase of what has been created.

    In this Step, we examine and evaluate the choices made and the direction is taken, based on the return effects that occur from the reference market.

    In “Stone Skipping”, when you throw a stone that bounces on the water, the surface ripples producing concentric circles, showing us the effect of the power impressed on the stone itself. This effect is comparable to that produced by the idea that we go to launch in the web mode, be it a logo, a product, or content. The analysis of the effects produced allows us to smooth and shape our creation, which will become a perfect synthesis, of the needs of the customer, the target audience, and the market in which you are going to enter.

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    Agenzia marketing roma
    Agenzia marketing roma


    The final version of the project is presented to the customer which, once approved, will be put into programming, that is, the day and time of its launch on the Web will be decided. Then you will just have to wait: 3..2..1 .. Go!

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