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Why is Off-Page SEO important? 

Off-Page SEO helps create external links, called backlinks, which direct users to your website so that these can improve organic traffic on Google and on other search engines.

The difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO is the method of implementation. Off-Page SEO concentrates on the the execution of actions external to the website and on increasing the score in the ”Page Rank”, while On-Page SEO focuses on making the website appealing and readable for Google and other search engines. 

Digital Marketing Agency Roma


We distribute professionally written press releases written to thousands of national and international journalists.

We create a backlink strategy from authoritative websites to help your website grow Domain Authority and its visibility on search engines.

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As a SEO strategy,  “link building” will help you position your brand/website/blog/shop online on search engines, generating external links.

Earning quality links is one of the steps that must be planned in any SEO strategy.

SkyRocketMonster can create backlinks from authoritative domains and develop the “Spider’s Net”.

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Digital Marketing Agency Roma
Digital Marketing Agency Roma


Social Media are a wonderful tool for self-promoting, content distribution, and creating backlinks to your website. However,  amazing and creative posts don’t necessarily mean engagement. We can manage your social media presence to increase interaction and publish your content on various websites so that it starts generating traffic from multiple sources. 

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    When it comes to backlinks (also known as “inbound links” or “one-way links”), both quality and quantity are very important.

    Google and the other major search engines treat backlinks as “votes” for a specific page. We focus on building quality links to maximize the amount of traffic to your website. On the other hand, websites with a large number of backlinks tend to have a high organic ranking on those search engines.

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    Digital Marketing Agency Roma
    Digital Marketing Agency Roma


    The “PageRank” ‘is the famous algorithm created and registered by Google to help determine the importance or relevance of any webpage through indexing. In relation to authority, two terms are used:

    • Page Authority (PA): refers to the authority of a particular web page.
    • Domain Authority (DA): Refers to the domain or root of a website.

    Gaining page and domain authority on Google or other search engines is not that simple and requires a certain amount of time and professionalism.

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