5 Ideas to take advantage of your Online Business after Lockdown with Instagram and Shopify🛍️

The situation that occurred after the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic puts many businesses in ‘check’, particularly in the service sector; forcing the companies to take a giant step and enter mandatory into the Digital Age.

Due to this economic storm that is taking place and is expected to increase in the uncoming months, the transformation to digital is assuming the ideal choice for most companies: local, SMEs or multinationals. And this is the reason why a new way of selling awaits us.

The future of Digital Marketing is❗️NOW❗️and with this, the existence of any business as many Social Networks as possible is essential, since it is also the cheapest way to show the world your business for free.

⭐️ 5 Ideas to take advantage of your Online Business after Lockdown with Instagram and Shopify⭐️ 

It has not been until practically the last two years, that the social network Instagram has become very popular among businesses and distance selling; being a fundamental tool for marketing, with which you will be able to attract a large volume of audience immediately.

instagram-business-empresas- skyrocketmonster



You can convert your account to Instagram Business in a public way to get statistics on your publications and stories, and to know your target audience (known as Followers), in real time.


Here are some tips and ideas to get to the final line:

1. Make a Program for your Business:

First of all, you will need planning and scheduling to be up to date on your social networks. If you want your business to grow, you must be constant and comply with it.

You know well that ‘successes don’t come overnight’.

2. Create a Strategy for your Content:

But don’t go aimlessly and above all, never lose the personality of your brand. Follow a clear/forceful strategy, and transmit security and professionalism in your sector.

3. Create a Value Visual Content:

It’s fundamental. Take great care of your content with images, quality videos and very powerful texts or #hashtags, to capture attention. Keep those little details in mind.

Nowadays, the audience is very demanding and visually highly trained. And we want to get new clients; but also keep our followers.

Remember that ‘word of mouth still exists’.

4. Be Creative and Differenc. Stand Out your Competitors: 

You have to go beyond the typical, and always try to be up to date with the last marketing trends, being original and highlight from your competitors, make your business STAND OUT 🤩

5. Mejora tu Perfil de Instagram: 

Take care and update your Biography, it is very important.

‘There is never a second chance, for a first impression’ .- Oscar Wilde. 

Do not forget that social networks will help you attract customers to your website, so → include your link in the Bio.

So, you know, if you are one of those businesses that does not yet have an Instagram account or the one you do have is a bit abandoned; do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you update all your social networks.

And now, what do you think if we complement that advertising on social networks with an online showcase to be able to achieve the same sales that we had until now in our physical stores?

creacion-tienda-online-shopify-ecommerce-skyrocketmonsterSHOW YOUR BUSINESS TO THE WORLD ECONOMICALLY


That’s right, the creation of an online or e-commerce store is essential to be able to give visibility to your business with a small investment, which will help your business go very far. Today the Shopify platform is revolutionizing online sales around the world. So connecting your social networks, such as your Instagram account, will redirect you to your Shopify online store, making it easier for users to purchase directly.

Shopify App Store has created its own Marketplace with more than 500 Apps https://bit.ly/35Fs4Cq, so that you can access the ones that best suit your business, according to your needs.

In addition, you have more than 20 Free Apps that will help you optimise your business



Facebook Store: It helps your business to sell your products directly from your Facebook Page. In turn, your customers can share their favorites products with their friends, in order to get more customers and drive more traffic to your online store.



Variant Images: It is a catalog of products that the customer has at his disposal, this will help improve the customer experience. If you sell a product in different colors, the image will change to the color that the customer chooses. This ensures that customers made the right choice and help to avoid returns.



AfterShip: It helps your customers to track the status of the shipments of the products they have bought (they have more than 120 transport companies around the world). Notifying the client at all time and if their shipment is in transit, pending delivery, or already delivered.

For this, from SkyRocketMONSTER , we want to know the Brand Identity of your business to help you to launch it, following the following steps:

  • Step 1. We create the Web Design for your company.
  • Step 2. We design the Logo of your company.
  • Step 3. We create your own Online Store.

Once the 3 steps mentioned above have been completed, we are ready to give visibility to your business and show the products you want to sell.

Here below you can see that the Shopify Dashboard is very simple and intuitive.


From SkyRocketMONSTER, we are specialised in the creation of Landing Pages and Online Stores. Request information about our rates for Shopify or WordPress for free! 


instagram-shopping-shopify-ecommerce- skyrocketmonsterCONNECT YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT WITH SHOPIFY


Once your business is registered on both platforms, you are ready to connect your sales between the Instagram channel and Shopify.


 Show your Products 

  • Synchronise your store in Shopify and the ‘tags’ in Instagram

Hassle-free Shopping

  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Tarjeta,etc
  • Direct Shipments

Sell withouth worry about your Inventory

  • Synchronise your store between Shopify e Instagram


As you can see, nowadays, they are all advantages and facilities to grow your business or even start from scratch is within everyone’s reach.

As a Marketing Agency specialized in business management and optimization in Spain and in other parts of the world, you can count on us and we will be available to help you.

🤳 Do not hesitate, ask us for a budget without commitment! 👉 CONTACT US

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