When we need to launch a Digital Marketing Campaign we propose to look for the best ideas, tools and professionals to achieve the success we hope for.

You’ve probably even decided to read a few articles about what the most effective digital marketing strategies have been so far. So we have determined to make an article about the main strategies of Digital Marketing for SMEs or Entrepreneurs and how you can apply them. And it is at this point, where we want to influence to show you those self-employed and small and medium-sized companies, which are beginning to take off in the online field with many uncertainties; that this is the best option, as long as the bases are well determined.


There are large amounts of digital marketing strategies for small and medium-sized companies, which will allow you to save on advertising. They are long-term strategies (which are achieved in at least a year) and that you can start right now.

Are you wondering ‘how’ ?; Well, to achieve them you will have to optimise the interaction and promote products and services. This effectiveness is due to the fact that they are non-intrusive strategies and that, therefore, users will value them much more, and it is for this reason that they will be ‘long-term’.

Next, we list the Digital Marketing Strategies for SMEs and Entrepreneurs, which are the most effective for us:

📌 Content Marketing Strategies

 It is a strategy that helps the positioning and exposure of company websites. Small businesses with little money and time will be able to have quite a significant brand exposure.

This means that SMEs can compete with large companies that have a higher position in the media, thanks to the large budgets they have for advertising.

This strategy consists in creating free content for our target audience. That content can be blog posts, ebooks, videos, among many others. For a good positioning with this strategy it is necessary to work with something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in this way it is intended to achieve the best positioning in Google search engines or other search engines, whose function will be that they are maintained in the long term .

Applying this marketing strategy for entrepreneurs on a company site has an impact on the high traffic that is obtained to their website, and also, the creation of a list of ‘leads’ interested in the brand’s products is achieved. The more that target audience shows interest in the download content; the greater the possibility that that person ends up in the ‘cart’ of your web and buys.

📌 Social Media Marketing Strategies

Another strategy that any SME can apply without much investment is the optimization of their social networks. It is not about creating content of value only, interaction is also necessary, remember that social networks are created to generate conversations and interactions. So this strategy what you are looking for is to listen to what people are talking about, to provide solutions with our brand.

Each social network is different and the users in each are also different, therefore, it is necessary to adapt the contents to that specific public, in each of the networks. It is not necessary to have presence in all social networks, but it is necessary to have at least 2 or 3 social networks depending on your segment market, and be up to date on those you choose.

📌 Influencers Marketing Strategies

It is an ideal strategy for small businesses looking to reach a certain niche. Influencers tend to influence a small, but powerful and dynamic audience with their content. Therefore, all companies must select an influencer that impacts their niche of interest.

Today there are many platforms that bring together a large number of influencers from different social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Blogs. You can enter these platforms and look for those that best suit your target for the campaign you are thinking of.

📌 Experience Marketing Strategies

Experience marketing is based on awakening emotions in people when they consume the product or service that we offer. It is not about delivering a product and forgetting yourself, it is about creating that link or experience between the customer and the product / service at the time of consumption.

And a good example is the ‘Starbucks’ case. How many restaurants sell good coffee? But … how many are concerned with creating a special atmosphere around the consumption of that coffee that is offered between the customers and the product?

It is to that unique experience that we refer, it is a whole coffee ritual.

To be able to create this type of strategy in your company, you will need to know your target audience perfectly, and that is a strategy that is refined over time, and not overnight.

🤔How to successfully apply Digital Marketing Strategies for SMEs and Entrepreneurs?👇

  1. It is necessary that the entire digital marketing team is convinced that the chosen strategy will work, so that everyone can work together and unanimously. In addition, they must know its effects and the most recommended tactics to apply.
  2. There must be a limited and well-defined audience before applying the strategy. There is the concept called buyer persona that gathers the detailed description of your specific target audience. Make sure they have this profile before applying the strategy and that the whole team has it well defined.
  3. Choose the digital marketing strategy for SMEs or Entrepreneurs that we have defined previously based on the objectives set. They are all effective, but some ones apply more to one type of objective than to others. Therefore, before choosing one, check what the objectives are. In addition, raise the objectives in the correct way, remember that these must be SMART, that is, specific, measurable, achievable and have a temporality.
  4. Choose the key performance indicators (KPIs) if you do not have them, how will you know if you are on the right track or if you have reached the goal? For example: imagine that you have chosen the content marketing strategy for your website and that you have decided to create a blog, then a high reading time of each post is an indicator that you are on the right track, this would be for example one of your KPI.

And so far our article for today. We hope we have been able to solve all your doubts. Comment and Share and remember… SHARING IS LIVING!

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Digital Marketing is the future to launch your business and achieve your goals. 🚀🚀🚀

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